Friday, January 16, 2009

Harsh reality...

Last night I found out that a childhood friend passed away from breast cancer. Darrel McManus, a man in his late thirties with a wife and a son taken away just like that because of this ugly disease. I dont know why and I'm trying hard to lean not unto my own understanding but my heart hurts for his family, especially his parents and his new wife.

A few years ago I'm not sure how I would have felt but after becoming a mother I now see it as a very harsh reality that a parent should not have to face. Parents just shouldnt have to see their children buried and it seems so out of order. However, I dont question God on his decision because I realize that He does know best but it doesnt stop my wheels from turning to the "what ifs".

Today I'm praying for the McManus family that they will have peace beyond all understanding. Today I will cherish what I have in my own family and embrace the moment. I will hug my son tighterm hold on a bit longer, cover him in kisses and tell him over and over again how much I love him and how rich he has made me life. I will thank my God and my husband for making it all possible. I encourage all of you to do the same.

Bless you all!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Catching up with thoughts on paper...

I guess the time is now here for me to catch up to my thoughts on paper. I'm finally succumbing to this world called blogging. I've ran from it for a very long time but I'm finding that the older I get (even at 32) I forget easily if I dont write it down because there is SO MUCH going on now that I have to remember, so here is the easy way to make sure I do it.

I've been told several times that I should journal and the thought was there but I never followed through. I'm finally being on obedient! thats a word that you will probably hear alot of throughout my blogging life. :-)

Be patient with me though, as I am a blogg "virgin" if you will. I have some catching up to do from way back when and then I'll bring it back up to speed. So I may start out hot and heavy but please forgive me if weeks or a even a month goes by.

Until next time...